The Specialized Committee (CSTT) of the Geological Society of China was formally established in 1998. It joined the international Trenchless Technology Association (ISTT) in the same year, making China one of the 26 international members. At present, the association is attached to the Ministry of land and resources, and has been strongly supported by the Ministry of science and technology and the Ministry of construction. The professional committee of trenchless technology of the Chinese geological society is the only legal civil organization in China that can carry out trenchless technology activities, and has helped to set up a local Trenchless Technology Association such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong.
In 1998, Yan Chunwen, director of Specialized Committee, trenchless technology of China Geological Society, signed a contract with Shanghai international Trenchless Technology Association President Belic. China joined the international Trenchless Technology Association and became a member state.
The task of the association is:
1., liaison with relevant units and professionals of trenchless pipelines and environmental engineering, organize domestic and foreign activities such as technology exchange, academic discussion, supply and demand negotiation and information exchange.
2., we should study the system and development strategy of trenchless technology, demonstrate its major technical issues, recommend and facilitate the establishment of relevant departments, and coordinate the collaborative research of member units.
3. to formulate the non - excavated construction industry standards and to assist the government to demonstrate the qualification of the construction units.
4. to develop information resources and to carry out technical consultation and technical services.
The 5. edition of the association's comprehensive publication [trenchless technology];
6. the technical training of the professional staff of the organization, and the training classes are not held regularly.
By 2005, the members of the association had reached more than 200 units and individuals. Members are involved in all the provinces, cities and autonomous regions except Taiwan and Tibet. Annual meetings and seminars have been organized every year since 1996. At the same time, since 2000, a total of 5 training courses for directional drilling technology have been held, and a large number of technical backbone have been trained.
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