CSTT 2014 Fund:Support Every Student to Join in!

author:Zhuwenjian 2013-03-14
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Under the 2009 meeting of the council of the spirit, the CSTT continued funding in CSTT2014 (dong guan) annual meeting of the college students to attend the meeting, will submit the paper in ITTC2014 (dong guan) published in the proceedings of the annual meeting of the trenchless technology, according to the actual need and CSTT financial situation, determined to expand funding quota for 20 this year, funding for travel reimbursed, each student fund total amount does not exceed 2000 RMB. Intends to apply for the student, please submit the paper as soon as possible, the specific requirements see the call for paper (dong guan) 2014 annual meeting notice (www.cstt.org); And on April 10, 2014, please submit grant applications, As shown in the attachment.
Contact: Zhu Wenjian, zhwji@cstt.org, 13910426497.
China geological society of professional committee of trenchless technology
December 29 2013
The attachment:
College students to participate in the annual meeting of the sponsorship application form
Educational Background
School Name
Postal Code
Mobile phone
Paper Title
Grants Calculation
Travel charge:
Room and board:
Other costs:
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China geological society of professional committee of trenchless technology

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