CSTT Delegate Returns from 2013 ISTT Annual Event

author: 2013-10-05
The 31st ISTT Annual Event (ISTT NO-DIG Down Under 2013) was held from September 1st – 4th 2013 in Sydney Australia. China Society For Trenchless Technology(CSTT) organized a delegate of 30 people (including members from relevant enterprises as well as scholars and technicians) to participate in this conference. Six CSTT member units established a China section and showcased products and technologies on the exhibition. This was the biggest group we have sent for ISTT conference by far.
On September 1st, ISTT held the 2013 board meeting at Sydney’s Novetel Hotel. Three representatives including Secretary-General Dr. Zhu Wenjian attended this meeting on behalf of CSTT.
In the morning, ISTT council passed the minutes of 2012 ISTT council meeting. Later, all members agreed to elect Mr. Enrico Boi, Chairman of Italy Society for Trenchless Technology the new vice-chairman of ISTT. Meanwhile, Professor Samuel Arriaratnam retired from Chairman position but would still serve ISTT as former chairman. Mr. Derek Choi from China Hongkong Society for Trenchless Technology would take over his position. Then, president of ISTT executive commission John Hempill hosted the discussion of the 2012-2013 ISTT financial report and determined the 2012-2013 fiscal budgets. At the end of the morning, members introduced their year’s focus one by one, and their development plan of trenchless technology next year as well as the preparation situation of this year’s events.
In the afternoon, the Australian committee introduced the organizing situation of ISTT 2013, and the Iberian(Spain, Portugal)committee and Turkey committee introduced the preparation situation of ISTT 2014 and ISTT 2015 respectively. After a thoughtful preparation, CSTT introduced to ISTT and all the members the characteristics of Beijing as well as the preliminary planning of ISTT2016, we got positive responses from the audience, and finally got the highest votes and alone with the right to host ISTT2016. Columbia and North America Society demonstrated their candidature files for ISTT2017. After Q&A and discussions, Medellin, the second biggest city of Columbia got the right to host ISTT2017.
Before the Chairmen’s Dinner,the opening ceremony of the exhibition was held in a cocktail party style. Chairman Trevor Gosatti from ASTT, Mr. Andrew Holeman from the golden sponsor Hobas and new ISTT chairman Derek Choi presented speeches. They appreciated the organization of this conference, and wished it a great success.
At Chairmen’s Dinner, International Societies and Asia pacific Societies all expressed their recognition of CSTT’s highly targeted presentation and the development of trenchless industry in China, they also gave support and show their expectation to the ISTT2016 in Beijing China.
On September 2nd, the 2013 ISTT conference and exhibition were officially started at Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre. Xuzhou Xugong Foundation Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (Booth No. 100), North Star Drilling Tools Co., Ltd. (Booth No. 99), Lianyungang Hauanghai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Booth No. 95a), DW/TXS Construction Equipment (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (Booth No. 99), Wuxi Double Horse Drilling Tools Co., Ltd. (Booth No. 95b), Guilin Huali Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (Booth No. 96) established a China section together. In addition, Yangzhou Guangxin Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. And Langfang Guanneng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. managed to participate in this exhibition through their overseas offices, so there were 8 Chinese enterprises on this exhibition in total. Together, they showcased our new products and technologies to our peers all over the world.
On the morning of September 3rd, Mr. He Fuxiang, Counselor for Science and Technology, Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Australia was invited to the exhibition, he did a survey of the exhibition and met our investigation team and exhibition team. During his survey, he had a close communication with our member units.
In the evening of September 3rd, the reception dinner and awarding ceremony of 2013 ISTT NO-DIG Down Under were held at the Dockside restaurant located at the Darling Harbor in Sydney. At the dinner party, ASTT and ISTT issued their annual awards, among which, Mr. Chen Yong, Chairman of Fujian Urban Development Association and GM of Fujian Xin Yong Tong Trenchless Engineering Technology Co, Ltd. won the prize of “New product and technology of the year”. This was the first time for a Chinese enterprise, a Chinese person, a Chinese product and technology in trenchless industry to win a prize on this platform.
There were 120 enterprises and media from all over the world (8 Chinese enterprises) participated in this exhibition, they exhibited new technologies and products in horizontal directional drilling, microtunnelling / pipe jacking, pipeline replace and rehabilitation, and pipeline inspection, wash, underground pipeline detection.
After the conference, CSTT investigation team went for a survey of enterprises in Melbourne and New Zealand.
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