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author:Zhuwenjian 2011-11-12
The vice president of the executive committee, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Pipeline Division, John Gallenher and his entourage recently visited CSTT. Secretary-general Dr. Zhu Wenjian was responsible for the reception. The Parties exchanged their views about the preparation of ITTC 2012 and discussed the possibility to enhance the cooperation between each other. ASCE also confirmed to attend the ITTC 2012.
Secretary-general Dr. Zhu Wenjian of CSTT held a meeting with the visiting president of ISTT, Samuel Arriatanam and his entourage. It was the first time for the leaders of two parties to meet at Beijing since CSTT has become a member of ISTT in 2010. Both parties reaffirmed to follow the membership agreement to fulfill their obligations, and to enhance interaction and cooperation between each other. Meanwhile, ISTT reemphasized that CSTT is its only recognized national member in China. ISTT reserves the right to pursue legal action against those who hold any event in its name in China.
Mr. Paul Harwood, manager of Westrads (a long term partner with ISTT annual meeting) paid a visit at the head quarter of CSTT in October. He introduced Westrads’s experience in holding annual meeting for ISTT over the years, and got detailed information about the preparation of ITTC 2012. He expressed that the company wants to build a partner relationship with CSTT in recruiting international exhibitors. Westrads is also the organizer of ISTT 2013 (Brazil), both parties communicated about the preparation work of the Chinese visiting and exhibiting group for ISTT 2013.
The representative of ISTT official journal Trenchless_International in China, Daisy Liu, visited the head quarter of CSTT. We discussed about the cooperation in journals of both parties,as well as how to improve the preparation work of ITTC 2012.
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